Sunday, 2 October 2011

Second Chance Summer!

I cannot believe that it is October and so beautiful today.
I was asked to make a birthday card for a friend at work. So I took inspiration from the beautiful day and used this Sarah Kay stamp to give a feel of summer.
I used my basic grey paper and my promarkers to colour in the image.
Here's to our second chance at Summer!
Love always.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

My Brothers 30th Release the Cracken!!

Now I know this may sound weird to you but I love to torture my little brother. I say little, he is 30 now but none of the pleasure I feel from him squealing like a girl for mum has diminished.
My favourite method of torture is to steal his car keys and deposit them at the back of my trousers hanging over the waistband. I then wiggle my bum at him shouting "Release the Cracken".
Now you know the story - there can be only one cake for his Birthday.
I took his keys and sketched them so that I could make an accurate copy of them in sugar.
I do love my brother - even if I do make his life a living hell. But as I keep telling him "it's my job! I am his big sister and that's what sisters do".

Chinese Furniture

I can't believe it was March when I last posted. I am sorry hope these few posts will make it up to you!
My friend at work asked me to make a cake for her husbands birthday. He imports Chinese furniture. I thought that meant chinese style furniture - it doesn't it is just normal furniture from China. Oh well thats my brain for you! lol.

The packing box says Happy Birthday in Chinese.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Foxy Foxy

This is a first birthday cake for a little boy, his mum asked me to make this for him.
The fox is actually his favourite toy - a hand puppet. I was feeling really guilty about borrowing it so i could copy it for the cake.

  And of course everyone loves a balloon!

Baby Shower

Sorry it has been so long posting anything but this year so far has gone crazy. Hope everyone had a good New Year! I haven't managed to do any paper crafting (yet) but have been making some cakes so I hope you like what I have produced.

This is the cake that I made for my friend at work for her baby shower. She wasn't sure what she was having so I decided to make a baby boy and a baby girl from sugar - better safe then sorry!

I really like his dickie bow and the little girl has a little heart on her bottom.

Pen xx