Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Foxy Foxy

This is a first birthday cake for a little boy, his mum asked me to make this for him.
The fox is actually his favourite toy - a hand puppet. I was feeling really guilty about borrowing it so i could copy it for the cake.

  And of course everyone loves a balloon!

Baby Shower

Sorry it has been so long posting anything but this year so far has gone crazy. Hope everyone had a good New Year! I haven't managed to do any paper crafting (yet) but have been making some cakes so I hope you like what I have produced.

This is the cake that I made for my friend at work for her baby shower. She wasn't sure what she was having so I decided to make a baby boy and a baby girl from sugar - better safe then sorry!

I really like his dickie bow and the little girl has a little heart on her bottom.

Pen xx